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Your Music in Digital Stores of the World

Through digital distribution we upload your music to hundreds of stores and platforms around the world. Once your music is published in stores and digital channels, we take care of obtaining monthly reports that include the number of streams and downloads of your music. We also claim content on Youtube Content ID

Upload Your Tracks

Our professional platform makes it easy to upload and publish your music.

We ship to stores

From major platforms to genre specific stores, high resolution retailers.

Get paid

No minimum payment, no annual payment fees make it easy to get paid.

Social Monetization

Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok can now be monetized. Make your content available to your fans.

We speak your language

Our fast service in English, Hindi, Bangla, Nepal, many more.

Content ID on YouTube

We monetize all user-generated videos on YouTube that use your recordings. Additionally, you can choose to block content to prevent unauthorized use of your work.

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