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Report Copyright: Infringements

Contact us for any infringement of your music. Your art is important to us, so if you detect any form of violation of your rights, do not hesitate to let us know immediately. We are here to protect your work and take the necessary steps to ensure its integrity.

Important Legal Notice


In our commitment to the integrity of music, all of our clients sign a contract that clearly establishes their status as legal owners of the works they share. To ensure copyright protection, we require solid evidence refuting this ownership in the event of a dispute.

At ARH Music, we value the integrity of intellectual property and hope that our users share this commitment.


We recognize the urgency of addressing rights infringement claims promptly. However, to ensure an effective resolution, it is essential to provide concrete evidence of ownership. Declarations of ownership without documentary support are not sufficient to support legal claims. Although a lack of evidence will not delay our attention to your claim, the absence of adequate documentation will hinder our ability to provide assistance.

* To consider removing any copyrighted material from our platforms, we require specific information. It is essential that any claim is legitimate and supported by adequate evidence. We warn against malicious reporting or unfounded claims, as they could result in liability for damages. Our goal is to maintain an environment of respect and legality in all our operations.